Adult Survivor of Abuse

Many survivors of abuse have long-term effects of the abuse, even if the abuse is a dim memory.  There are many types of abuse:  Physical, emotional/verbal, sexual or neglect.

The abuse can occur in different settings:  family, social, professional, acquaintance or stranger.  The abuser may use criticism, threats, humiliation, control, manipulation, drugs and/or alcohol to abuse their victim.

Those who suffer from abuse may suffer from panic attacks, fear, anger, depression, trust and self-esteem issues along with shame and guilt, though they have done nothing wrong.  At times those who are abused become abusers themselves.

The good news is many people have overcome the effects of abuse and have gone on to lead healthy and normal, productive lives.  Therapy includes self-expression and self-awareness, being able to talk about your feelings now and in the past.  Individual psychotherapy is very helpful.  The essential step is getting help – taking that step will change your life for the better.