Baseball Season and Gambling Addictions

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Major League Baseball, the national pastime, is one of the sports that least involves wagering. Pete Rose, manager of the Cincinnati Reds and the holder of the baseball’s career hit record, bet on 52 Cincinnati Reds games during the 1987 season.  Pete later admitted that he bet on baseball for years and in 1989 Pete accepted a permanent ban from baseball.

Risking your career to gamble is not unusual for someone with a gambling addiction.  Gambling addictions, while not limited to baseball, usually involve one or more of the following signs:

  1. Gambling becomes addictive with the thrill of taking risks; this often leads to bigger risks.
  2. Guilt and remorse after gambling.
  3. Concealing or lying about gambling.
  4. Borrowing money or stealing to gamble.
  5. Taking money from work or family to gamble.

Fortunately, there is help for gambling addictions.  Behavior modification, counseling, and/or hypnotherapy are treatments that can be used to change addictive behavior.  If gambling is an issue for you or your family member, seek help from a professional.