Chronic Pain

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Many people suffer with chronic pain in their lives. Chronic pain is defined as pain that does not ease with regular pain medication and ongoing pain that can go on for months or years. Trauma/injury, infection or long term diseases, such as arthritis, IBS or fibromyalgia, can cause chronic pain; however, pain can also occur with no known cause.

Chronic pain can be quite debilitating causing one or more of the following problems:

• inability to function normally
• limited activity
• lack of sleep
• increased anxiety and hopelessness
• depression
• drug dependency

According to the national institute of mental health (NIMH), chronic pain and depression go hand in hand. Chronic pain can worsen depression symptoms and is a risk factor for suicide in people who are depressed. Likewise, body aches and pains are common symptoms of depression.

Fortunately, there are options for help. Sometimes lifestyle changes can lessen chronic pain, such as exercise, meditation or a combination of both. Talk therapy with a trusted professional can assist in gaining a new insight or perspective for chronic pain issues and help to identify solutions to long-term problems with chronic pain.

Dr. Rebeck is a licensed mental health professional and is able to provide guidance toward the appropriate therapy whether it is psychotherapy/counseling or hypnotherapy; each person is unique and will benefit from following their own path to relief and recovery from chronic pain.