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Common Hypnotherapy Myths You Should Ignore

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Hypnosis is a popular topic in books and movies, but it doesn’t really work the way Hollywood would like you to believe. In fact, I often find new patients to my Naperville psychology practice come into their first appointment believing bold myths about hypnotherapy.

Here are a few that you might have heard, and that you should ignore:

Hypnotherapy only works on highly-suggestible people – While some people are more receptive to hypnotherapy than others, most people are average patients. In fact, most adults can be hypnotized fairly easily, in the right setting and by someone with extensive training.

You’ll end up clucking like a chicken – Although stage hypnosis shows are fun, they share little in common with actual day-to-day hypnotherapy. Your session will be focused on your personal goals, not parlor tricks.

Hypnotherapy will bring up uncomfortable feelings or memories – Modern hypnotherapy focuses on things like weight loss, smoking, and stress relief, and anxiety.  But hypnotherapy can also help you deal with deep problems stemming from your childhood.  Usually it is very comforting and most people feel very safe and empowered in hypnotherapy.

Effective hypnotherapy takes months – While individual goals and results can vary, many hypnotherapy patients start experiencing positive effects after just a few sessions. In fact, many of my clients only come in for hypnotherapy for a short period of time.

Instead of believing old myths about hypnotherapy, why not come in and see what it’s all about for yourself? Contact my office today to schedule your first session and put yourself on the path to a better life!  If there is medical (mental health) necessity, it is covered by most health insurances,  but Dr. Rebeck is only in network with the Blue Cross PPO.

How to Accomplish Big Life Goals

Could you transform your life if you really wanted to? Could you start living in a way that brought you closer to your dreams?

A lot of people fantasize about being more fit, successful, and happy. But many don’t take action to move themselves closer to what they really want. More often than not, it’s because they simply don’t know how to accomplish big life goals.

Because you may not want to make that same mistake, here are a few helpful tips to help you get started. Dr Pamela Rebeck can help you with these steps:

Decide what you really want – If you’re going to persevere and accomplish something remarkable, you’re going to have to really want it. Figure out what really moves you, because that’s the dream that’s worth pursuing.

Find the first step – The hardest part of accomplishing anything is making the decision to get started. Identify the first step towards achieving your dream, and then take action on it immediately.

Chart a path and mark your progress – Resist the urge to plan everything out. Instead, find the starting point, get moving, and then figure out what will come next. Make a map or checklist, and keep track of your progress as you go.

Celebrate all the small victories – Don’t wait until you’ve reached your dream to celebrate and be happy. Half the fun is in the journey. Learn to celebrate the small victories and stay on course to achieve the big ones.

Get help from friends and coaches – A coach or mentor can help make your path easier, and friends can encourage you while you’re working towards your goal. Don’t make your successes solo effort; get others involved.

For the best in personal counseling, coaching, and hypnotherapy, make an introductory appointment with Dr. Pam Rebeck in Naperville today!



Beating the Winter Blues

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Naperville is a great town, and a wonderful place to live. But, it’s not exactly a tropical paradise during the colder months of the year, and it’s not unusual for people of all ages to get the “winter blues.”

If you’re the kind of person who tends to feel down when it’s gray and miserable outside, I have a few tips that just might help you enjoy the coming months a little more:

Use sunlight and vitamins – On a biological level, our bodies miss the sun during winter months. There are a number of inexpensive, full spectrum light lamps you can buy (online and in local stores) that help you fight the blues by mimicking sunshine. Just 15 minutes a day can make a big difference in your mood.

Avoid extra sugar and caffeine – It can be tempting to take a little extra comfort in extra coffee and sweets when you’re feeling down. Although these provide a short-term boost, they’re likely to leave you feeling more tired later. Even worse, too much of either is bad for your health. Besides, sugar and caffeine can easily become something you crave, and then require more and more to keep going. Comfort food in moderation is okay, but try to get enough sleep and exercise.

Improve your mood every day – A lot of people feel as though their moods are determined by external factors, but that’s not entirely true. You can increase your own feelings of happiness and gratefulness by reading jokes, connecting with friends, or keeping a journal of positive experiences.

Book that vacation – We are lucky to live close to one of the busiest airports in the world. If you can spare a few dollars and get free for a few days, taking a quick vacation to somewhere sunny might be the perfect way to break out of a funk.

For the best in coaching, counseling, and hypnotherapy, call the office of Dr. Pam Rebeck in Naperville today!

4 Tips for Dealing With Holiday Stress

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The holidays mean joy, cheer, and for most of us, a little bit of time off with family and friends. But unfortunately, they almost always means stress, as well. Things like travel, shopping, and even social engagements can make this season anything but a relaxing occasion.

To help you cope – and get as much enjoyment from the holidays as you can, whether you’re staying here in Naperville or going elsewhere – here are four great tips for dealing with holiday stress:

#1: Lower your stress before the holidays – It’s a lot easier to cope with holiday season aggravations if you aren’t already stressed out to begin with. Try to lighten your work load, get a little extra rest, and even consider taking a couple of days for yourself before the real holiday season begins.

#2: Know your triggers – We all have certain relative, conversation, or situations that stresses us out. Think about what it is that makes you feel on edge, and then make a conscious plan to deal with it. Maybe you can leave an extra day for driving, avoid talking politics with an uncle, or only deal with a shopping mall for 90 minutes at a time.

#3: Don’t make holiday stress worse – Many people are tempted to cope with holiday stress by eating and drinking more. That might bring a bit of immediate satisfaction, but it’s hardly the way to lower your stress over the long run.

#4: Give yourself a break – If coping with your normal holiday routine just seems overwhelming, consider changing things up. Make this the year you go on a tropical vacation, or let someone else host all the relatives for a change.

The holidays can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Use these tips to stay relaxed and energized all the way through New Year’s!

Mindful Meditation and Hypnotherapy

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Mindful meditation and hypnotherapy are both simple ways to meditate by merely focusing on breathing, relaxing and noticing sights, sounds, taste, smells or touch. While meditation or under hypnosis the person does all of this without any judgement. They each work by allowing you to appreciate the present moment with a distortion of the everyday emotion, which can lead to a savoring of pleasures and /or tolerance for the unpleasant and focusing less on past regrets or future worries.

Learning to meditate takes practice, don’t be discouraged if the first few times you practice your mind tends to wander. Hypnotherapy is usually faster to learn because Dr Rebeck guides you and then you can learn more easily to do it on your own. For some people is difficult at first to go from multitasking to single tasking. You can practice on your own or with Dr. Rebeck. When you would like to make a change in behavior, many people benefit from hypnotherapy, which besides including mindfulness, can include cognitive behavioral therapy.

Why use mindful meditation? Mindful meditation can help in treating anxiety disorders, eating disorders, pain, obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, sleep disorders and many other conditions/disorders. Mayo clinic offers a book to help patients learn to meditate:

Communication Skill Development

Communication skills will help you in all aspects of your life – at home, in the workplace or in social situations.  The best way to develop your communication skills is to practice.  Pay attention to your voice – is it a monotone, or is it animated?  Enunciate your words and speak slowly using appropriate volume in your tone.  Here are some skills that you can develop with practice:

  • Eye contact – make sure you maintain good eye contact
  • Make sure your body language, expressions and tone match your message
  • Use appropriate humor
  • Do not judge or interrupt
  • Develop your listening skills – focus on the message, not on what you are going to say

Effective two way communication involves talking and listening, along with non-verbal communication.  Practice your skills and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results!  Dr. Pamela Rebeck may be able to help you become more comfortable with your ability to optimally communicate.

Autism – You Are Not Alone

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The CDC has released information about how to “Learn the Signs and Act Early” for early detection of autism along with tools to track child development.   According to the CDC, Intervention is likely to be more effective and less costly when it is provided earlier in life rather than later.


There are multiple resources and activities available for people on the autism spectrum, as well as their  parents and  family members, including support, education, strategies and resources, such as the Step Up and Shine for Autism Walk that is scheduled in Naperville on October 24, 2015, to benefit the Little Friends Center for Autism.  The Little Friends Center is a private, non-profit organization that serves more than 800 people annually.  Follow the link below to register to walk:


There is help for those with a recent diagnosis as well as for those meeting ongoing life adventures of life on the spectrum. Dr. Rebeck has expertise and experience in working with people on the autism spectrum.

What Experts are saying about Anorexia Nervosa

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Anorexia nervosa, sometimes just called anorexia, is an eating disorder that can be deadly.  Anorexia is prevalent in teen girls, although some boys may suffer from this disorder.  Some of the signs and symptoms of anorexia are:

  • Intense fear of gaining weight
  • Skipping meals/making excuses for not eating
  • Complaints about being fat
  • May vomit, misuse laxatives, diuretics or enemas to lose weight, although purging like this is “bulimia”
  • Excessive exercise

People with anorexia and/or bulimia need treatment, oftentimes as an inpatient and follow up outpatient.  Professional help is needed to deal with the health issues and the underlying emotional issues that cause this disease and as well as behavioral steps and support in recovery.  This link describes the story of one young woman who tragically weighs just 44 pounds after struggling with this disease for many years.  This story may be extreme but it is important to know that Anorexia Nervosa can sometimes start with simply dieting and exercise abuse and grow into something much more serious.

Dr. Rebeck has worked with many families with issues such as eating disorders.  Make an appointment to discuss your next steps.


Reasons you should be talking about Senior Issues

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People in the United States are living longer than ever before.  At the same time, the post-WWII “baby boomers” are now approaching retirement age.  By the year 2030, one in five Americans will be older than 65 years of age.

If you or your parents are approaching retirement, it is important to be aware of some of the issues that seniors face and learn how to deal with these issues.  Some of the common issues that seniors face are:

  • Health Concerns
  • Financial issues
  • Depression
  • Loneliness

Fortunately, Naperville has a wonderful group called the Naperville Senior Task Force.  Along with the Naperville-Lisle Triad, they are presenting the 2015 Conference September 18, 2015 called “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.” This conference will have over 35 organizations representing healthcare, safety and legal services for seniors.  The admission is free, lunch is free and prizes will be given away.  What a great opportunity to learn more about issues seniors face and how to deal with them, as well as to have fun.

Below is the link to a flyer with more information:

Of course, Dr. Rebeck is available to speak with seniors and their families on some of the issues you may be having.

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that occurs following a traumatic event.  People that have been in military combat, experienced natural disasters, terrorist attacks or any type of trauma, or even witnessed trauma, may have been effected by PTSD.

Psychological damage from the PTSD can trigger symptoms such as:

  • Problems sleeping
  • Problems concentrating
  • Feelings of depression/isolation
  • Panic attacks
  • Irritability/aggressive behavior

Often people that experience PTSD either re-experience the trauma by reliving it or use avoidance measures to avoid the traumatic memories.  Health issues may also be present with headaches, nausea, and chest pain among other symptoms.

Depending on the circumstances of the PTSD and the emotions involved, treatment by cognitive therapy and medication, such as antidepressants, may be warranted.  Hypnotherapy has a good success rate for treating PTSD since hypnosis brings the subconscious to the forefront so changes can be made by suggestion.  Hypnotherapy helps in changing perceptions and beliefs that are associated with the trauma.