Common Hypnotherapy Myths You Should Ignore

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Hypnosis is a popular topic in books and movies, but it doesn’t really work the way Hollywood would like you to believe. In fact, I often find new patients to my Naperville psychology practice come into their first appointment believing bold myths about hypnotherapy.

Here are a few that you might have heard, and that you should ignore:

Hypnotherapy only works on highly-suggestible people – While some people are more receptive to hypnotherapy than others, most people are average patients. In fact, most adults can be hypnotized fairly easily, in the right setting and by someone with extensive training.

You’ll end up clucking like a chicken – Although stage hypnosis shows are fun, they share little in common with actual day-to-day hypnotherapy. Your session will be focused on your personal goals, not parlor tricks.

Hypnotherapy will bring up uncomfortable feelings or memories – Modern hypnotherapy focuses on things like weight loss, smoking, and stress relief, and anxiety.  But hypnotherapy can also help you deal with deep problems stemming from your childhood.  Usually it is very comforting and most people feel very safe and empowered in hypnotherapy.

Effective hypnotherapy takes months – While individual goals and results can vary, many hypnotherapy patients start experiencing positive effects after just a few sessions. In fact, many of my clients only come in for hypnotherapy for a short period of time.

Instead of believing old myths about hypnotherapy, why not come in and see what it’s all about for yourself? Contact my office today to schedule your first session and put yourself on the path to a better life!  If there is medical (mental health) necessity, it is covered by most health insurances,  but Dr. Rebeck is only in network with the Blue Cross PPO.