Communication Skill Development

Communication skills will help you in all aspects of your life – at home, in the workplace or in social situations.  The best way to develop your communication skills is to practice.  Pay attention to your voice – is it a monotone, or is it animated?  Enunciate your words and speak slowly using appropriate volume in your tone.  Here are some skills that you can develop with practice:

  • Eye contact – make sure you maintain good eye contact
  • Make sure your body language, expressions and tone match your message
  • Use appropriate humor
  • Do not judge or interrupt
  • Develop your listening skills – focus on the message, not on what you are going to say

Effective two way communication involves talking and listening, along with non-verbal communication.  Practice your skills and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results!  Dr. Pamela Rebeck may be able to help you become more comfortable with your ability to optimally communicate.