Conflicts in the Workplace – for the Manager

Conflict can occur anywhere actually but as a manager you may need assistance in dealing with conflict in the workplace. Conflict that is not addressed results in low morale and employee turnover, not to mention the loss in productivity.

There are five ways of dealing with conflict:

  • Accommodating – cooperating at your own expense.
  • Avoiding – avoiding the issue – not the best solution for the long term.
  • Collaborating – win-win, pairing up to achieve both of your goals.
  • Competing – You achieve your goals at the expense of others.
  • Compromise – lose-lose, each person gives up something to arrive at a compromise.

Management of conflict minimizes the negative outcomes and promotes collaboration. Embrace these opportunities and conflict will be dealt with directly and quickly.

Michael Maccoby and Tim Studder, authors of Leading in the Heat of Conflict, recommend the following ways to manage conflict:

  1. Anticipate – obtain info that can lead to conflict
  2. Prevent – strategies to use before conflict occurs
  3. Identify – interpersonal or procedural
  4. Manage – conflict is emotional
  5. Resolve – react without blame and learn through dialogue.