Could Counseling Help You Turn a Corner in Your Life?

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Even if you have never been to a counseling session, you probably have some ideas about what it’s like. Unfortunately, those ideas might not be accurate – and the preconceived notions you’re holding onto could stop you from reaching your potential or letting go of unhelpful emotions.

In other words, counseling could help you turn a corner in your life… but only if you’re open to giving it a try. Here are a few reasons that counseling sessions can be so beneficial:

In counseling, you can talk without judgment – Although we aren’t always consciously aware of it, many of us filter our thoughts, ideas, and emotions on a daily basis. This can be because we don’t want to upset a friend, loved one, or employer. Or, it might be because we don’t even want to admit the truth of a situation to ourselves. Taking away judgment, which happens in a counseling atmosphere, can be a freeing, creative experience.  You can goat your own pace.

Counseling helps you find your own perspective – surprising as it might seem, we aren’t always aware of the way we think or feel about the situations we face in our lives. But, by talking things through, and bringing different ideas to the front of our minds, we can discover a new perspective on the challenges we are facing.

Counseling can be a great way to break through mental deadlocks or indecision – When you combine focused thinking, lack of judgment, and new perspective, many common mental barriers melt away. For that reason, a few counseling sessions can be all that’s needed to find the direction you’ve been looking for.

I would urge anyone who’s considering counseling to remain open and give it a try. It could be just what’s needed to start feeling better and moving forward!  If there is medical (mental health) necessity, it is covered by most health insurances, but Dr. Rebeck is only in network with the Blue Cross PPO.