Eliminate Social Anxiety and Change Your Life

Almost everyone has experienced a small amount of social anxiety to some degree in their life.  If you have ever had to give a presentation or performance in front of an audience you may have experienced some nervousness or anxiety.

However, Psychology Today reports that 3.7% of the population or 5.3 million Americans suffer from social anxiety, or social phobia that is severe enough to affect your daily routine.  Some of the symptoms demonstrated by this disorder are listed below:

–          Heart racing

–          Sweating, trembling

–          Nausea

–          Shaky voice

–          Diarrhea

–          Inability to make eye contact

–          Worry of what others think

If everyday interactions cause you great anxiety or if you just need help with overcoming anxiety for your presentation, psychological counseling and/or hypnosis can be of benefit.  Psychological counseling can help you to avoid negative thoughts and learn coping skills for social situations.  Hypnosis is also of benefit, as it can reduce anxiety and help in reducing stress.

Your life can change for the better if you take the steps to eliminate your anxiety and stress.  While people with social anxiety are less likely to seek help due to their disorder, seeking help will pay off in a big way for you and your family.