If You Read One Article about Blended Families, Read This One

If you are dealing with the challenges of a blended family you are well aware of all of the issues that can come up, such as finances, dealing with the other parents and visits/holidays, discipline and different parenting styles, to name a few.

Don’t rush into anything with children from one or both from previous relationships.  You may want to wait a year or more after the divorce before committing to new relationship.

Planning is very important when combining families.  Here are some tips for your planning:

  • Get to know the children in everyday situations
  • Allow the children to express their feelings
  • Discuss your parenting styles with your partner – make any changes BEFORE marriage
  • Develop a set of ground rules

In spite of your planning you may have difficulties that arise, just as you would in any marriage.  Talking with a professional can give a new perspective on ways to help your children feel loved and emotionally connected with the proper limits and boundaries and room for growth.

Your solid marriage and family relationships with civility and respect can be achieved with the support of talk therapy and a caring professional.  Compassion for your families’ development can help in finding your way to grow as a family.