The Secret behind Men’s Issues

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You hear a lot of talk about women’s issues, but not so much about men’s issues. Why do you suppose that is? Well, the main reason is that women are a lot more open with their emotions and feelings, while men, on the other hand, have been taught to “man up” and not show their feelings.

We all, being human, have issues and need help at times. Some of the more common issues that men experience are:

  • Keeping your emotions repressed may cause other behavior, such as avoidance or addictive behavior
  • Depression and stress are common for men and women alike
  • Narcissistic or antisocial behavior
  • Anger and abuse issues can be overcome with help

Unfortunately, because men are not as open about their feelings, they are less likely to seek help or follow through until they are in crisis. Sometimes talking about your feelings with someone and learning ways to redirect negative behavior is helpful, while others may benefit from a support group environment where you can share experiences and encourage each other.