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The Evolution of Women’s Issues

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100 years ago women had very different issues than they do today.  At that time, most women stayed home, raised their children, did housework and cooked dinner for their husband, rarely working outside of the home.  If they did work outside of the home it was usually in a traditional female job, such as a housekeeper, teacher or nurse.

Today women not only take care of their homes and families, but they also may have very challenging careers of their own.  Women today often run some of the largest companies as CEO and are some of our country’s greatest leaders.

Many times women strive to “have it all”, by maintaining a career, being active members of their community and being very involved in their children’s sports, school activities and supporting their husbands in their careers.

Prioritizing all of the tasks that they need to accomplish can be difficult and sometimes it is downright impossible to keep up.  At times you may need to talk with someone who can help you to see things from a different point of view.  Dr Pamela Rebeck knows what this is like and can help you rebalance your life.

Here are a few ideas to help avoid “burnout”:

  1. Get some help – household help, or children helping with chores, it will not hurt to have them help out, and will actually teach them how to fend for themselves.
  2. Take time for yourself – it may sound difficult, but is the best thing you can do.  Meditation, exercise, a spa day, you cannot help anyone if you are exhausted.
  3. Take time with your spouse – have an honest talk about dividing the day to day tasks and take time to renew your relationship.

Try to keep a balance of your home life and work life and if at times it is hectic, know that this too shall pass and try not to stress too much!

How Marriage Counseling can get you your Heart’s Desire

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Marriage and partner counseling can be of benefit whether you are preparing for marriage, are newly married or have been married for many years for the following reasons:

  • Pre-marriage counseling can help to set the stage for marital success. Now is the time for communication about your expectations, agreements on financial issues and your ideas about children and family, whether you are planning your family or dealing with your children from previous relationships.
  • Counseling in the early years of marriage is helpful when you step into reality of the day-to-day living and you find that you do have differences and you need to learn to compromise.
  • After many years of marriage you may be in a routine and taking your spouse for granted without even realizing it. Counseling can help you to renew your commitment.

Regardless of where you are in your marital life – these tips are useful:

–         Communication is key – don’t expect your partner to read your mind.

–         Attitudes – don’t think the worst, criticize or judge. Notice the positives and show your appreciation.

–         Be kind – treat your partner with the consideration you show to other people.

–         Be responsible for your own behaviors – apologize when needed and forgive your partner.

Your heart’s desire can be achieved, it takes work, but anything worthwhile takes work and your marriage is certainly worthwhile.

The Insider’s Guide to College Life

If you or your child are preparing for college, here are some of the areas of change that you will experience:

  • New friends, new lifestyle and new independence, ready or not
  • Academics – higher workload with more written papers, reading assignments, and no one to remind you that it needs to be done.
  • Time management – organize and prioritize.

Even if you are responsible and have good study habits, the overall change in lifestyle can take some time for adjustment.  Here are some tips to help make a successful transition:

  1. Learn to manage your time.  Keep a schedule or journal of your assignments, prioritize according to due dates.
  2. Ask for help from teachers, professionals or peers.  Ask your friends who seem to have it altogether what they do.
  3. Eliminate distractions – if you need help in focusing, go to the library or student lounge to avoid TV, computer, video games and friends.

Do not fall into the habits of excessive partying or procrastinating as they tend to result in a loss of control and not meeting important and worthwhile goals academically and socially.

Once you develop a routine it will get easier to stay on track and you can enjoy your independence and success.