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Help for Substance Abuse in Naperville, IL

substance abuse naperville

Substance abuse is a challenging to the family as well as the individual.  It affects everyone and can destroy the family.  The person with the substance abuse problem is often unaware of the havoc that they create within their family.  The family is torn between trying to help the person and “enabling” them to continue with their additive behavior.

Counseling is essential in learning how to deal with substance abuse.   The family needs to learn how to deal with abuse by “detaching” themselves from the situation and learning techniques to avoid further enabling of the addict

The addict will need help in learning to overcome their addiction and take responsibility for their actions, through  group therapy and/or counseling to be able to deal with the daily issues that originate from their addictive behavior and break the cycle of repeating this behavior.

Substance abuse can be drugs, alcohol, prescription medications, marijuana or even caffeine or cigarettes.  In some cases, hypnosis is effective for smoking cessation or other addictive behavior.  Dr Rebeck has training and expertise in substance abuse and hypnotherapy.

Don’t lose hope, but get the help that your family needs in dealing with these issues.