The Emotional Stress of Moving

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Moving means change.  Whether the change is positive or negative, “home” is our sanctuary and for a while you will be leaving what you know and will be out of your comfort zone.  The stress comes from so many different aspects of moving – paperwork and mortgages, closings and home inspections, movers, utilities and packing your possessions.  In some cases it may mean travel and a new job, the end of relationships, downsizing to smaller place or an assisted living facility.

There are things you can do to mitigate the stress:

  1. Plan ahead – declutter, organize, pack and label items that are not being used.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – family and friends can help with tasks, packing, unpacking, etc.
  3. Hire movers if you can afford to do so – they can take care of the large items or move everything.
  4. Take care of yourself, eat right and get enough sleep.

Take time to say goodbye to your old home and the memories there.  Allow yourself to feel the emotions including any feelings of sadness that you are moving on.

Research your new area and find things that interest you.  Once you make the move, take a break from unpacking to have a look around the area.  Keep a positive attitude and soon you will be settling into your new place of comfort.  Dr Rebeck can help you with this important life transition.