The Insider’s Guide to College Life

If you or your child are preparing for college, here are some of the areas of change that you will experience:

  • New friends, new lifestyle and new independence, ready or not
  • Academics – higher workload with more written papers, reading assignments, and no one to remind you that it needs to be done.
  • Time management – organize and prioritize.

Even if you are responsible and have good study habits, the overall change in lifestyle can take some time for adjustment.  Here are some tips to help make a successful transition:

  1. Learn to manage your time.  Keep a schedule or journal of your assignments, prioritize according to due dates.
  2. Ask for help from teachers, professionals or peers.  Ask your friends who seem to have it altogether what they do.
  3. Eliminate distractions – if you need help in focusing, go to the library or student lounge to avoid TV, computer, video games and friends.

Do not fall into the habits of excessive partying or procrastinating as they tend to result in a loss of control and not meeting important and worthwhile goals academically and socially.

Once you develop a routine it will get easier to stay on track and you can enjoy your independence and success.