Why You Will Never Succeed at Perfectionism

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Perfectionism is normally a good thing – caring that the job is done right is a good habit and going the extra mile to make sure it is done right is a positive too, but sometimes it goes too far and becomes obsessive-compulsive behavior.  How do you know when it is compulsive behavior?  The list below may help you to identify this type of behavior:

  1. Do you have a difficult time completing tasks, or procrastinating?
  2. Do you find yourself spending too much time on unimportant details?
  3. Are you often anxious, frustrated or angry because things are not working the way you planned?
  4. Do little mistakes become magnified in your mind into catastrophic consequences?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you may need assistance in learning behavior that will help you to accept that it is ok if everything does not go as planned and then you will not have to stress over tiny imperfections.  There is no reason to live with anxiety and self-doubt when help is available.