Autism – You Are Not Alone

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The CDC has released information about how to “Learn the Signs and Act Early” for early detection of autism along with tools to track child development.   According to the CDC, Intervention is likely to be more effective and less costly when it is provided earlier in life rather than later.


There are multiple resources and activities available for people on the autism spectrum, as well as their  parents and  family members, including support, education, strategies and resources, such as the Step Up and Shine for Autism Walk that is scheduled in Naperville on October 24, 2015, to benefit the Little Friends Center for Autism.  The Little Friends Center is a private, non-profit organization that serves more than 800 people annually.  Follow the link below to register to walk:


There is help for those with a recent diagnosis as well as for those meeting ongoing life adventures of life on the spectrum. Dr. Rebeck has expertise and experience in working with people on the autism spectrum.