What everyone is saying about Work Place Issues

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Work place issues are a popular topic on social media – articles on Linked In by Dr. Travis Bradberry, President at Talentsmart, discusses the “9 Worst Mistakes you can ever make at work.”  http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20150416-the-worst-office-behaviours

Dr. Bradberry mentions backstabbing, gossiping, negativity, telling lies and even eating smelly food can create a negative impact on the morale of your entire workplace.

Clinton Buelter, a recruiter and founder of Hardtofill.com discusses “12 things I learned the Hard Way.”  His advice focuses on self-improvement, ways to be yourself and develop a mentality to serve others.

If you have issues in the workplace, get assistance from a professional to assess your strengths and weaknesses.  After an impartial assessment, cognitive behavior as well as hypnotherapy are excellent ways to build on your strengths and direct your focus on areas that need improvement.  For example, many people suffer from public speaking anxiety, which can usually be helped with a few sessions of hypnotherapy.

Learning to improve your work place performance will help to maximize your professional opportunities, advance your leadership potential and improve relationships both personally and professionally.