4 Tips for Dealing With Holiday Stress

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The holidays mean joy, cheer, and for most of us, a little bit of time off with family and friends. But unfortunately, they almost always means stress, as well. Things like travel, shopping, and even social engagements can make this season anything but a relaxing occasion.

To help you cope – and get as much enjoyment from the holidays as you can, whether you’re staying here in Naperville or going elsewhere – here are four great tips for dealing with holiday stress:

#1: Lower your stress before the holidays – It’s a lot easier to cope with holiday season aggravations if you aren’t already stressed out to begin with. Try to lighten your work load, get a little extra rest, and even consider taking a couple of days for yourself before the real holiday season begins.

#2: Know your triggers – We all have certain relative, conversation, or situations that stresses us out. Think about what it is that makes you feel on edge, and then make a conscious plan to deal with it. Maybe you can leave an extra day for driving, avoid talking politics with an uncle, or only deal with a shopping mall for 90 minutes at a time.

#3: Don’t make holiday stress worse – Many people are tempted to cope with holiday stress by eating and drinking more. That might bring a bit of immediate satisfaction, but it’s hardly the way to lower your stress over the long run.

#4: Give yourself a break – If coping with your normal holiday routine just seems overwhelming, consider changing things up. Make this the year you go on a tropical vacation, or let someone else host all the relatives for a change.

The holidays can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Use these tips to stay relaxed and energized all the way through New Year’s!