Mindful Meditation and Hypnotherapy

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Mindful meditation and hypnotherapy are both simple ways to meditate by merely focusing on breathing, relaxing and noticing sights, sounds, taste, smells or touch. While meditation or under hypnosis the person does all of this without any judgement. They each work by allowing you to appreciate the present moment with a distortion of the everyday emotion, which can lead to a savoring of pleasures and /or tolerance for the unpleasant and focusing less on past regrets or future worries.

Learning to meditate takes practice, don’t be discouraged if the first few times you practice your mind tends to wander. Hypnotherapy is usually faster to learn because Dr Rebeck guides you and then you can learn more easily to do it on your own. For some people is difficult at first to go from multitasking to single tasking. You can practice on your own or with Dr. Rebeck. When you would like to make a change in behavior, many people benefit from hypnotherapy, which besides including mindfulness, can include cognitive behavioral therapy.

Why use mindful meditation? Mindful meditation can help in treating anxiety disorders, eating disorders, pain, obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, sleep disorders and many other conditions/disorders. Mayo clinic offers a book to help patients learn to meditate: